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We understand the importance of mining in a country’s economy. For a significant portion of the population, it is the main source of income to support their families. We understand the importance of mining in sourcing valuable minerals and geological materials that have various uses in our society. We have joined forces with different organizations who are involved in mining to promote responsible mining. We want to protect the environment where mining operations and activities are conducted to ensure its sustainability. We want to protect the people who mine to earn a living and the communities they live in. In particular, we support artisanal and small-scale miners. We want to organize and empower them so that their voices can be heard even across the globe into the garage doors in Oklahoma City and they can be key stakeholders in the mining industry.

Mining Practices

So many lives have been lost due to irresponsible mining practices.


Governments allow capitalists and big companies to take control of their natural resources and the result has been catastrophic.


We have seen in the news how landslides have taken the lives of the people and destroyed the properties that they have worked so hard for.

Land and Soils

Irresponsible mining practices make the land and soil in the areas where they operate vulnerable to landslide and erosion.

Tree Area Planning

They take down trees that could have helped prevent this disaster from happening. Trees are essential in absorbing excess water from the mountains and they also make the soil around them firmer.

Child Labor Law

We have cases of child labor and the exploitation of workers. Children, who should be in school studying or playing with their friends, are allowed to excavate minerals underground. They are exposed to dangerous labor conditions and workers are not given proper compensation.

Some Smart Words

Pete Hudson


They sacrifice their lives and communities for the little amount of money that they earn. Nature has also taken a beating from irresponsible mining. Land and bodies of water are poisoned and polluted by the harmful wastes brought about by mining activities.

Alex Miller


And the sad part is that the people and the communities continue to feel these effects years after the big mining companies have closed their operations in their area. Mining has short and long-term effects in the communities where they are conducted.

Rebecca Lissner


That is why it is essential to promote responsible mining NOW for the protection of the environment, communities, and the people. Let us not wait until further damage is done to our environment and more lives are lost. Let us act now!

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