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Many of the materials we use every day, such as those for roads, hospitals, cars, homes, computers, satellites, and even fertilizer for crops, come from mining. Only a few of the mined resources that support mining corporations’ bottom lines and modern living include aluminum, phosphate, copper, iron, rare earth metals, and rare earth elements.

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Thank you for coming to our website! Community Mining is more than happy to provide information on any aspect of mining. We are aware of how crucial mining is to a nation’s economy. It is the primary source of income for a sizeable part of the people to maintain their families. We are aware of the value of mining in obtaining precious minerals and geological materials for use in our civilization. To encourage ethical mining, we’ve teamed up with a variety of mining-related groups. To maintain the sustainability of mining operations and activities, we seek to safeguard the environment. People who mine for a living and the communities they live in should be protected. We support small-scale and artisanal miners in particular. 

We want to unite and empower them so that they can play a significant role in the mining industry and that their voices can travel all the way to different Countries.

Jerry Howell


Natural Resources Conservation

Having governments hand over control of their natural resources to capitalists and large corporations has had disastrous effects.

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Within the cryptocurrency economy, bitcoin mining has developed into a fiercely competitive sector. Nowadays, with all the big data centers and pools, many people are curious about the requirements for mining.

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